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I put on auction: Original “GASPARDO DIUFFO PRUGARD” violin with original wooden case. It has the following characteristics:  

  1. Antiquity (I can’t precise it, the only thing I know is that it belonged to my great grandfather) I was born in 1924.
  2. The head of the neck represents, in a great carving, the sphinx of a person, it’s  supposed to be the self-portrait of the author.
  3. The lid also has some carved adornments.
  4. On the back lid, in the lower part, it has a castle formed with pieces of incrusted wood of different  colors.
  5. In the narrower part of the violin, in the rings has other similar but smaller castles. 
  6. Around the violin, in those same rings, has a Latin script which reads: “VIVA FVI SILVIS DVM MORTVA DULCE CANON” (Alive was I in the jungle, once dead I sweetly sing).
  7. The sound: It’s a beautiful mellow sound that invites the spirit to wonder and strengthen.

The violin itself  is a true jewel or artistic treasure that gathers many qualities, which may be acquired for: its art, antiquity, or sound. 

  Base price: $ 250,000 dls.                                                           
More information phone: (052) (871) 718 6640